Monday, September 08, 2008

Body Language

A couple quick notes:

During my long walk with Buddy today his ears were more tightly back on his head than I'd ever seen them. I get confused about whether ears back is good or bad but in this instance it must have been good. He was walking briskly forward, at my side, tail wagging. Mr. Adventure.

Right now Petunia is under the bed again. This time it happened when I switched the dogs, like I do: moving Buddy into the bedroom then Petunia into the yard, closing the sliding door, then moving Buddy into the living room and bringing Petunia back into the house with access to the yard and back rooms. Buddy was on his side of the house, behind the babygate. I went to get them fresh water and found Petunia beneath the bed.

At some point during that switcharoo a gate fell down and made a noise and that disturbed Petunia but it happened before I took her outside and so it wouldn't be a "trigger" really, for her going beneath the bed.


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