Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 15 of 30DR: Rebellion

After my previous posting I decided I needed a brief rebellion: so I petted P again when she approached me near the sofa and then I drove both dogs to the lake and Mom and I walked them on (*gasp*) flexi-leads with no heel-ing or clicking.

At the end of that B-dog resisted going into his car-crate (for the first time ever). Lord: now I'm reading everything into that though praying not to. So I put him to bed in his at-home crate when we returned.

P hid beneath the guestroom bed upstairs while Mom and I stayed up late talking. But she's in her bedroom crate now and came into the bedroom voluntarily and didn't resist getting into her own crate.

The trainers said I should put their crates in separate rooms. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I feel like P needs to sleep closest to me but it breaks my heart to "banish" B to another room and, if I do, I'm not sure where his big crate will fit. So for now I just moved the crates on either side of my bed instead of beside one another.

I feel like I'm getting an ulcer.

But it was good to get outside tonight and I've asked my mother to help me ignore work long enough in the morning to get on my bike.

I've also decided I may need to take anti-anxiety meds for a while.



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