Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Dogs Don't Like Each Other, and Never Will (Day 15 of 30DR)

I just returned home from a meeting with three professional dog trainers.

During the observation session B-dog lunged for P twice, in neutral territory.

The trainers said that from the very beginning B's body language was more anxious and aggressive than Phoebe's, which was defensive.

They said that based on what they saw tonight, and my background information, and the fact that the two dogs have always rested in parallel rather than piling on top of each other, and that they've never done lots of cuddly play stuff, they conclude that these two dogs really don't like one another much, and that they never will.

They said I should keep them separate for life.


Two of the trainers have dogs that can't be trusted together; they live with them separated always. They say it's possible to still have a decent life with your dogs that way. The whole scenario makes me sick to my stomach.

I was so much more hopeful when I believed that if I could just fix myself they would be okay.

I can't write anymore.



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