Monday, September 08, 2008

Uncle Fester & Roller Skates


Petunia and I took another long circuit through the old part of the lake-park (I've never liked that park--built during the Eisenhower era and reminds me of Eastern Germany--in a bad way. Decrepit socialist minimalism or some such.

Anyhoo, we were stalked by a bald old man in little blue car. He'd park and adjust his rear-view mirror to watch us, then park again further up, then again. He drove like 3 miles an hour. Not lovely.

But the good news is that we've all done our walks for the day. I did Buddy first: a full hour in his backpack. We walked all the way to the dog park and back, which meant going over a freeway overpass. Lots of different sights and sounds and smells. I didn't put anything in the backpack for today. We just tested it to see if it fit properly and it seemed to be fine.

By the time I returned home for Petunia's walk I was pretty pooped so I took a break for about 15 minutes and then went out. My walk with her was only 40 minutes. I think she needs more. And I am seriously thinking about buying a pair of roller skates just for this. Not in-line skates but the old fashioned kind with four fat wheels side by side and a big fat stopper.

Petunia hid behind the tv this morning while I was making my bath and then she came upstairs and hid in the upstairs closet. It was sort of like yesterday: we were outside early in the morning; she was in the garden, seemed to hear something that startled her, then came inside and hid. The sky is overcast so I'm just hoping all this is about weather and not about Buddy. When we returned home from the walk the dogs approached each other mildly at the gate and she sat there waiting for me to get her supper.

Now she's sitting over by her bowl and Buddy is at my feet.

And I'm sweaty and relieved to have that item done for the day.

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