Monday, November 20, 2006

Ho Ho Hanoi

Thanks to Travisa and to the compulsively globetrotting Poli Sci colleague who recommended it, my trip to Vietnam appears to be moving forward. I was worried that the Vietnam embassy's economic summit restrictions might keep me from getting my visa in time (and, for that matter, my passport returned in time) for my next teaching trek to Singapore.

So what's good is that I decided to go ahead and finally visit my friend in Hanoi for a few days over Christmas.

What sucks is being away from my dogs for three weeks. Hate that.

Honestly, nowhere is as joyful or as fascinating as my domestic dogdom. But the fact that I believe that so deeply is part of why I'm going. I realize I've been coccooning overmuch. And that I need to spend time with dear friends--even those who can't come to my house and hang out with my dogs. She's been inviting me to visit for, like, 10 years. Last time I saw her she was living in St Thomas, shortly after a hurricane nabbed her houseboat.

And she's a writer so I'm hoping she'll get my desire to just sit and write a bit while I'm there--mostly I just want quiet chats over tea and wine and good food and some wandering around. But I guess I'll just go with the flow no matter what.


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