Monday, October 06, 2008

Our Jobs

I forgot to mention this:

I've decided Petunia's very clear job in our home is to spread joy everywhere.
She's doing a crappy job of it right now, growling at Buddy and making him feel oppressed.

Buddy's job is to bring us calmness and serenity.
Instead right now he's slinking around like a beaten-down stray. I worry about how he'll interact with other dogs in class. He got into a growling-lunging tiff with a pretty golden retriever named Maggie from around the corner and we passed one another walking on-lead. WTF?

* * *

So then what's my job?

To be the calm-assertive leader, structuring our lives--keeping our physical space open and safe and clean, establishing rituals and routines that nurture and protect and enrich and entertain us, being a model of harmony and strength.
I've been sucking at my job too.


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