Saturday, January 27, 2007

Schnoodle or Schnerrier?

Took each dog out for a drive this afternoon.

First, P-dog and I drove through Starbucks, then went to the seafood shop conveniently located beside the dog bakery. I got salmon and shrimp, P got lamb loaf, free snickerpoodle treats, and lots of attention. Afterwards we snacked by the lake and then went on a short muddy stroll in the park.

Then, B-dog and I picked up some red wine and various ingredients for M's famous French-onion-soup-in-a-crockpot en route to the Mothership to purchase a new halter for our walk with his pal Molly tomorrow. (Last walk he slithered out of his collar again.)

We also picked up some tasty-looking blueberry dog treats and I coughed up the money for a de-shedding tool. I've been wanting one since I first read about them on belly's blog.

While there I met a little puppy that looks and behaves a lot like P-dog at that age and (as I always do in these situations) got into one of those mystery-breed conversations with the owner. The puppy is an intentional mix of Schnauzer and Poodle; the last P-alike was a Yorkie-Poodle mix. P-dog's first vet and I feel pretty confident P-dog is a Schnauzer-terrier [bigger than Yorkie] mix. But there might be some poodle involved as well. I won't discriminate. After all, despite the funny hairdos and Nancy Reaganesque behavior, I've always admired the poodles in our agility classes (and, to be honest, envied their show-offy perfect eye contact).

So, like, would this make P-dog a Schnerdle? a Tenaudle? a Schnoodier?



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