Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mad at My Kennel

Each time I bring the dogs to the kennel-with-a-fancy-name the staff assures me I'll be able to reach them via email to get periodic updates about P&B's health and well-being.

They NEVER follow through.

I'm truly not a pest: I email just once a few days after I've arrived, asking for an update. That's all.

Since I'm away for 2 weeks or more at a time, and traveling halfway around the world without reliable cell phone connectivity, I want to hear some assurance that the dogs are adjusting reasonably well. And, frankly, in the era of Doggy Daycamps that send cutesy postcards home after a single afternoon's stay, I'm stunned that an enterprise would neglect a simple email exchange with a regular client paying them upwards of $600 and $800 per trip.

If they'd send me just one proactive email during my trip I would bring them presents from exotic Asian shops and recommend them to all my fellow travelers. Instead, I'm bitching about them on Christmas day and wondering if they neglect to follow through on a promised email, what ELSE are they neglecting?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be mad too. You're not asking for much and it should be no trouble for them to give you an update.

Hope you had a great trip anyway!


6:09 AM  

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