Friday, December 01, 2006

The deal with the haiku

It's part of my Zen dog project (remember that?) and also just something I'm enjoying learning more about.

I'm trying to write or revise one each day (no I won't post them all) as a way to pay closer attention to my world. Also, the craft of haiku intrigues me--the discipline of stripping away verbs, of integrating seasonal references to express the connection between the moment and the natural world and its cycles of life.

Eons ago I would write "witty" haiku for my own amusement--ironic, glib stuff. Mostly awful but still fun to write.

I'm still mainly just amusing myself, but differently. I'm not yet attempting to write "good" haiku, but I'm getting a sense of the verses that satisfy me and those that don't, whether written by me or by others.


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