Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too Nervous to Write

Tomorrow morning is our 2 hour interview at doggy daycamp (yes, "camp").

The dogs will both undergo temperament testing and be introduce to small groups of dogs of varying sizes and energy levels. All day I've been thinking, "Oh God please let them do really well tomorrow; please let them make the cut." This could be a great solution: small play groups of 15 animals per human supervisor (Comp folks will appreciate the ratio) instead of up to 70 dogs per two humans at the other place. They seem really attentive and good--the "camp" people (should I call them counselors?)--over the phone. It would be so great to have a place to occasionally take the dogs where they could socialize and exercise and be positively stimulated in ways that just don't happen with me at home behind a laptop screen.

But now I'm thinking: I hope that tomorrow is just accurately average. I hope my dogs behave normally--not their best. I hope the other dogs are just average too. I hope that tomorrow's 2 hours is a very realistic--perhaps even worst-case--scenario for them so that if they are admitted I'll truly feel that they're safe at this facility.

This is where the funny analogies to Manhattan nursery schools end because, ultimately, this isn't about "competing" for acceptance (there's no Ivy League for mutts); it's about finding a safe and healthy place for my heart and soul on days when they need to be out of the house.


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